April 2016: April Showers


white crocus
White crocus

Spring has sprung
the grass has riz.
I wonder where
the flowers is.

Favorite poem when I was a kid. But I do wonder what’s going on what with the snow and cold weather we’re experiencing. Will spring ever arrive? Last Saturday I had a booth at the Souderton-Telford B(usiness)(and) P(rofessional) W(omen’s) (BPW) Club Luncheon and Fashion Show.

My booth at the BPW Fashion Show
My booth at the BPW Fashion Show

I unloaded in wet snow around 10 am and when I came back out at 3pm, it was still snowing, though it wasn’t sticking to the paved areas. Just wet and cold.

Fashion show by Chicos
Fashion show by Chicos

The event itself, held at the Indian Valley Country Club, was a lot of fun. A very nice lunch, lots of door and raffle prizes, and a fashion show kept the group energized. The fashions for spring and summer and in light colors, reminded everyone that there was something besides the snow falling steadily outside.

Roaring 20's Dress Contest
Roaring 20’s Dress Contest

With a Roaring Twenties theme, a number of women dressed in ’20’s fashions and later participated in a contest for the best costume. I had not realized how becoming that silhouette is to most figures, if proportioned properly. The woman standing in the middle of the line wearing the black-and-silver dress won the prize.

I really enjoy going to events such as this one, with all the lovely costuming. I think maybe I’ll have to look into a ’20’s dress for myself, but no doubt there’ll be a different theme next year.