September 2017: Refresh and Restart

We don’t know where the year has gone. Here it is September, kids are back to school, the air is cooling (hopefully), and vegetation is starting to change color and lose leaves. Pumpkins are ripe, tomatoes are pretty much past it, the sky is very blue, and we feel a part of the bustle of squirrels and other animals getting ready for winter. We have lots of logs ready to split, homemade jam and pickles on the shelf, and lots of flour in stock to bake bread. Lining it all up, getting ready to hibernate, we guess.  We always sleep in when the sun rises later and later.

Last weekend (Sept. 16-17), we had a booth at the MUM (Metaphysical Universal Ministries) show: the 25th Fall Spiritual Holistic Expo.  A busy weekend: we saw many of our old friends and some new ones, too.

MUM Booth Fall 2017
Our corner setup at the show.






The following day (Monday, Sept. 17), we went to the fashion wholesale show NY Women’s) in New York City at the Javits Center. The name for this show (held 4 times a year at the Center) keeps changing. Originally it was the The Accessories Show. Counting back, we are pretty sure this is the 11th year we visited this show. Each time we wonder, can they keep coming up with new fashions and accessories, and each time we are not disappointed. Always something new to buy. This time, the trends are big, clunky jewelry, stars everywhere on just about everything, a definite western design trend, and bright colors. Below are several trend displays.

Western design fashion trend display.
Go West! Western design influences many accessories.
Star power fashion trend.
Star Power. Twinkle everywhere.
Navy Days fashion trend display.
Navy Days. A great neutral which pairs well with red and white. Crisp.

And we did spot a couple of Fashionistas!

Photo of woman in white dress.
This Fashionista gracefully posed for us in her lovely white ensemble.
KikiRiki dress model
A KikiRiki exotic fashion, modeled by a lovely salesperson.

The next show is in January 2018 and we will be there, weather permitting.