Bark ‘n’ Bacon: We go to yet another Pet event!

Bark ‘n’ Bacon festival at Logan’s Heroes Animal Rescue in East Greenville, PA. A lovely Fall day. While it was warm, there was a refreshing stiff breeze to keep us cool. The wind sometimes blew things off the tables and tried to lift up the canopy, but we appreciated it anyway. The only sour note was the presence of Spotted Lanternflies – a new imported pest which has invaded parts of Bucks and Montgomery counties. We did our part by stomping on a few (we hate to kill things, but still…) and sent an email to PA’s environmental department. They probably know the bugs are there, but we wanted to make sure this pest doesn’t get a foothold in the area. Our house is in the woods, and we love our trees.

Here are some photos from the event.