About 2Kaa (tuka)

Carla Messinger aka 2Kaa (tuka) cherishes her Native American heritage: the Lenape (Delaware) Indians who lived in our area of Pennsylvania.

Woman wearing native american regalia
2Kaa in her Native American Regalia

She, along with her husband (Mr. History) currently present workshops and talks on Native American topics including Native Americans in the Civil War, Pennsylvania: the Peaceable Kingdom,Lenape (Delaware) Lifeways, Native Contributions, Women’s Programs, and Environmental & Contemporary Issues of Native Americans.

She is the Director of Native American Heritage Programs. Please check her Lenape Programs web site for more information. She was Founder & Executive Director of the Lenni Lenape Historical Society and Museum of Indian Culture (1978-2002) before retiring in 2002. Carla lives in Allentown with her husband. She has a married daughter who lives in England, and has one lovely granddaughter.

Currently Tuka and her husband (Mr. History) are busy setting up workshops and talks for their 2019 season. Tuka’s children’s book, When the Shadbush Blooms, continues to be used for multicultural children’s programs and ESL classes. Click here  to read more on Shadbush.

Tuka posing with mannequins
Tuka (2Kaa) modeling at Moda

Those of you who have met 2Kaa know that she always wears lovely and exotic clothing. As always, Tuka is shopping and updating her wardrobe, so you will surely see her in some new, updated outfits when you come to our shows. She loves fashion and clothing, and is always available and happy to give fashion consultations on stretching your clothing dollar.