About Elen


“elen” aka Ellen Zuby retired from her career as a school librarian in 1999 after 30 years of being in the field of education. While she had enjoyed her work with kids and books, she was eager to try something new, and after trying several ideas (real estate, software testing, and more), she realized how much she enjoyed fabrics, textures, styles, talking to people, and the excitement of shows, and elen and tuka was born in 2002.

Elen holding a cat
Elen and Dan-the-Cat


Currently “elen” lives with her husband and two cats in the woods near Coopersburg, PA. She has one grown son, a truck driver, who works in the energy industry.

Elen delights in reading, treasure hunting in thrift stores and flea markets, shopping, metaphysics, astrology, photography, playing with her cats, helping her husband with construction projects, hanging out with friends, and all things Macintosh. She also is fascinated by costume, dress, and textiles, enjoying the finer details of such, and goes to Pennsic every August to spend a week as another person and to enjoy all the lovely garb everyone is wearing.