Setting Sun Sages

Ellen Zuby and Deb Pietruszka, good friends for almost twenty years, are THE SETTING SUN SAGES.  When seeking a name for themselves, they  decided this one described them perfectly because they have many decades of life experience and wisdom.  They also felt the name was a perfect match for both of them at the very core of who they are and what they believe.   In First Nation beliefs, Setting Sun Women are keepers of the dreams and goals of tomorrow.  They focus primarily on accessing our inner wisdom in order to live our Truth.  They recognize that they as “elders” are granted a unique and special opportunity to help people living currently as well as guardians for the next seven generations.    

Three Sunflowers

Ellen and Deb present classes and workshops to promote self development and empowerment.  Not only are their events educational and informative, they are also fun and inspiring!

photo of Ellen Zuby

Ellen Zuby has always been interested in the way people’s minds work . A student of psychology and related subjects, she is continually learning and increasing her knowledge with classes and study. Tarot and other divination tools, astrology, and using our psychic abilities are part of the teaching she shares. She welcome questions about anything and everything, but is not really good with math. After spending 30 years as an educator and mentor in the public school system, she is currently “retired,” living in the middle of the woods with her husband and cats and over 1000 books, most of which she’s read. She has a small business, a popup boutique, “elen and tuka” in which she combines her love of fabric, color, and uniqueness, in a curated collection of women’s accessories and clothing. You can learn more about her on this site.

Deb Pietruszka thrives in her natural role as a “connector” with people who earnestly seek self empowerment, knowledge, and fun.  She provides multiple opportunities to others through classes and workshops at her Healing Arts Center, Serendipity Meadows [located just outside of Quakertown, PA] to meet and share their interests with like minded people.

She also “connects” her knowledge, training, and experience in allopathic medicine as an Occupational Therapist for over 36 years with her additional training and experience in the holistic field in hypnotherapy, bio-energy techniques such as Reiki and Healing Touch, medical intuition, and aromatherapy to promote pain and stress management for her private clients.  She specializes in helping men and women who feel “stuck” in their lives to move forward into lives of freedom and success. Deb  blends her expertise and intuition to co-partner with her clients in achieving their desired outcomes.

To learn more about her, visit her web site at: Serendipity Meadows.