What We Do: Our Philosophy of Retail

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A colorful life

elen and tuka specializes in clothing, accessories, and art for your creative lifestyle.

Clothing: we carry shawls, wraps, jackets, skirts, vests, and occasionally shirts, blouses, and dresses. We also have pretty dressy items like beaded velvet jackets or sparkly lurex tops. We specialize in the unusual, the things you are not likely to find in department stores, and of good quality. We buy limited quantities and rarely have the same merchandise from month to month. In other words, when it’s sold, it’s gone. Occasionally we have costumes or exotic pieces, and sometimes you’ll find vintage items on our racks. What we love is color and texture and that’s what we tend to see and buy when shopping for our traveling boutique. Each piece is unique, and that includes its size – we will carry anything from XXS to 3X. Sometimes we will buy a run of sizes in a design if the item is more basic and could fill in a blank spot in your wardrobe. We aim to keep our prices affordable: most of our stock runs between $12 – $40. Specialty items like the velvet beaded jackets and coats, are, of course higher.

Accessories: scarves of all types and for all seasons, purses from small felted coin purses to whimsical, fresh, colorful Laurel Burch handbags with cat, dog, and horse designs. Our newest handbag line, Catori, consists of tote, shoulder strap, and backpack styles with Native American designs. From time to time, we have ethnic or exotic bags, also colorful and bright.

Art and fabric. Because we love to put our hands into wonderful feeling fabric, we have di!erent types of fabrics: saris, bark cloth, vintage, and textured wall hangings. You may find the occasional piece of pottery on our tables, too, and small objects ‘d art as well.

Finally, we often get asked, “Do you make all this?” Our reply is, “No, our talent lies in picking out beautiful things.” And our elen and tuka business allows us to indulge in beautiful things.