Silk and Velvet

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Red Rayon/Silk Long Coat in burnt-out velvet with red fringe. Pattern is flowers and vines. Flowers are red, orange, and green; vines are green. Flowers are felted and have a nice texture. This coat would be lovely worn on a special occasion or at an occasion you want to make special. 2Kaa says it would look great worn with a black turtleneck and black slacks, but you could also pair it with a dress in black, dark green, or white. Size Medium. 40″ in length, Sleeves, Opening, and Hem are tasseled/fringed. Drop Shoulders. Long Sleeves 70% rayon, 30% silk. Dry Clean Only. Originally priced at $109, reduced to $95.

Silver Gray Long Coat with black velvet trim and beaded fringe. Beaded and felted black flowers sparkle (beads are blue), black fringe trimmed with black jet beads, and a lovely, contrasty silver/gray base make this jacket a standout. Picture wearing this roamntic piece in your Paris apartment while sipping tea and listening to the rain. Anywhere you want to add a touch of glamour, you’ll want to wear this. One size fits most. 39″ in length. Slightly dropped shoulders. Long Sleeves. Sleeves, Opening, and Hem are fringed. Imported from England. Dry Clean Only. Price $99.
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Lovely Silk/Rayon short jacket in the colors and shades of water. The blotchy, flowy pattern of greens, grays, blues, and purples is accented with beads in the same and contrasting colors. The overall effect is shimmer and shine. This piece speaks of hazy summer days and sun on the water. The jacket would be a standout at any special occasion or worn simply to put a smile on your face.2Kaa says wear with white or any of the colors in the pattern. One size fits most. 31″ length. 3/4 sleeves. Slightly dropped shoulders. Marked Dry Clean Only, but hang tag says “Washable Silk.” Originally priced at $99, reduced to $89.