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Versatile ponchos to make any outfit a dress-up one. The sheer Brown rayon poncho (l.) has tiny rhinestones sparkling on both front and back and bead tassels hanging down front and back at the side seams, adding a touch of glamour to what might be an ordinary brown top. The Sunset Print poncho is in shades of orange and gray, with a lively print trim at the hem. Also tasseled at the sides, both front and back. Unique and pretty, you can think of dozens of places to wear either one. 2Kaa says try wearing over a white outfit or something in shades of orange sherbet or gray (Sunset). One size fits most. Approx. 26″ long. 100% Rayon. Dry Clean Only. $69.

A Trio of Art Silk Long Shirts
A Trio of Art Silk Big Shirts

Long length button-down-the-front Art Silk Big Shirts with tucked front and back, button cuffs. Shirttail hemline. The perfect thing for a relaxing afternoon at the cafe, wear with skinny jeans/pants or tights. The length will flatter your figure. 40″ long. One size fits most. Dry Clean Only. 3 Shirts: ivory, green, and raspberry. Each $49.